Our operator-first mentality and thesis-led approach to investing requires us to deeply research emerging micro markets while also providing insights and guidance to drive outcomes.


Whoever Said That Money Can’t Buy Happiness Simply Didn’t Know Where to Go Shopping

How Innovation in Discovery will Define the Next Generation of Retail

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Fintech with Big Buttons

The Senior Fintech Opportunity

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The Digital Evolution of Back Office Finance

Exploration into the rapidly evolving world of the CFO, and the innovative technologies that power back office finance

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Contrarian Investments (Sometimes) Win

Jump Capital Co-Founder Sach Chitnis reflects over portfolio company 4C's journey through recent acquisition

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My Ride with a Unicorn Rocketship

(A Personal Capital Story)

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But Wait, There’s More

We can’t imagine them all, but here’s a few other sectors we expect to see impacted

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Fintech Evolves to Face New Pressures

Neobanks gain ground, trading becomes our national pastime, and Bitcoin goes mainstream

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Consumption Patterns Accelerate a New Future for Sports, Audio and Film

COVID could bring the end of independent theaters, challenge cable's MO and encourage social audio

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A Digital Future Challenges CPG, and Warehousing Gets a Boost

With more ecommerce in grocery, the big platforms get bigger; brands have to evolve their approach to protect their margins

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Physical Stores Change Shape, Brands Think DTC and Luxury Tests New Formats

Rapid growth of ecomm turns physical stores into experiences and fulfillment centers, and brands try to engage consumers directly

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Working from Home Changes the Landscape of Cities

WFH enables a flight from cities, and could leave a cityscape heavy on live/work rentals

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Keeping Up with A Shifting Workforce

A massive labor shift drives upskilling, propels change for 1099’s and gives AI a push

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The World After Crisis: A Series

COVID-19 and the global response to it will affect every sector. Our views of what a post-crisis world could look like

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Investing Through a Downturn: RegTech and Customer Onboarding (Part 2)

How Startups Are Improving Onboarding Processes

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Investing Through a Downturn: RegTech and Customer Onboarding (Part 1)

Paycheck Protection Program bottlenecks demonstrate the need for better onboarding solutions

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Managing an Exit in a Global Crisis

Stay focused and patient – we’re all learning to navigate through this uncertainty

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How to Expand in Periods of Uncertainty

In difficult markets, how do you interact with your customers?

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Knowledge Automation’s Next Frontier - Legal Tech: Why We invested in LinkSquares

In an increasingly hyped AI space, LinkSquares is a great example of a pragmatic and thoughtful approach

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Eventus Systems – Why We Invested

Our recent investment in Eventus Systems, an emerging leader in trade surveillance and risk management technology, exemplifies the type of company and leadership team we are excited to partner with.

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Why 2020 will be a big year for crypto

2020 is going to be a big year for crypto.

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Sports Betting: How Exciting Is It?

In May 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA, which had been in effect since 1993.

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It's a Journey – Not a Transaction: Navigating Through a Strategic Exit

As the CEO of a startup navigating through your company’s growth and evolution, there comes a time when your customers or partners become something more – potential acquirers.

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The End of Crypto Winter?

85 Theses for The Changing of the Seasons in Crypto-Land

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It’s a Journey – Not a Transaction: Approaching Valuation When There is No Standard Approach

This is my second post around lessons learned from the sale of a start-up I ran…the outcome was desirable, but the path to a sale was winding and sometimes messy.

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