Jump Capital is here to ensure your vision reaches its absolute potential. We’ve invested in the support platforms we wish we’d had when building and operating our businesses.

Operating Team

The Jump Capital operating team helps portfolio companies stay flexible and build their operational expertise while focusing on what matters most. From accelerating growth to raising capital to financials and metrics, the operating team helps companies maintain sustainable growth into the future.


Helping companies manage cash runway through successful access to external capital (new debt, debt restructurings, equity recaps and new equity)


Improve operational excellence by partnering with companies to enhance business processes, establish metrics visibility and operating cadence


Augment company resources to tackle special projects ranging from system implementations to acquisitions


Provide C-level leadership (CEO, CFO, COO) and board advisory to fill gaps in key management roles as businesses scale

Hear from our founders

  • “Right from the beginning, we felt that Jump Capital would provide more than just a financial investment. They have delivered time and again in helping us navigate the peaks and valleys of a young start-up, leveraging their highly experienced operating team who became invaluable advisors to the company.”

    Peter Casady

    CEO of Champion Healthcare Technologies

  • "I have been able to leverage Jump as an extension of my own executive team helping me where I have a skills gap and accelerating our growth."

    Yona Shtern

    CEO of Arrive

  • "When you partner with Jump Capital, you're partnering with a circle of experts that put themselves on call to help you grow your businesses. The network Jump has built is smart, helpful, and humble and on another level."

    Marc Bernstein

    CEO of Balto Software

Business and Corporate Development

Jump Capital’s Business and Corporate Development platform exists to jump start strategic relationships and provide execution services that can support your near-term growth trajectory and long-term potential.


We can assist with introductions to strategic customers, partners, investors or acquirers.


We support you with strategy and introductions during a capital raise targeting corporate investors.


We develop executable strategy focused on growing revenue streams outside of direct sales.


We deliver hands-on assistance developing and executing a sale process for the company.

Hear from our founders

  • "Jump was a true partner to me and our company in our exit process. Without their deep transaction experience and proactive, collaborative communication throughout the process, we would not have had nearly the success with our exit."

    Jeff Hargroves

    Founder of ProPharma Group

  • "Jump takes pride in going deep strategically, leveraging experience and instinct to build value across all functional areas, which is driving differentiated value for our business."

    Dana Hayes

    CEO of ShareThis

  • "Jump has been an amazing partner since day one. Always supportive, very aware of what’s going on in our industry and thus helpful in ways that go far beyond pure investment. Their strategic guidance is value-add and extremely enabling which is exactly what we want as a management team."

    Seif Hamid

    Head of Partnerships & Product Marketing of 4C Insights

  • "Many firms can provide funding, but what I found unique about Jump Capital was their ability to provide strategic guidance every step of the way. The true test of a financial partner is if they are there to support you not only in the good times, but in the tough times. It was during the tough times, when Jump Capital really stepped up their game and supported our company."

    Jon Schepke

    CEO of SIM Partners

Talent Team

We can help you hire hard-to-find engineering and data sciences professionals. With over 25 years of combined experience recruiting for Google, Dropbox, Deepmind, hedge funds and top quantitative trading firms, our team is ready to roll up our sleeves.


With deep roots in 35 top CS universities, our team can develop, implement and run a campus recruiting strategy.


Our team can manage and run the difficult recruiting process for experienced engineering candidates.


We can supplement the candidate pipeline for any challenging engineering or data science roles.


We can help in diagnosing, assessing, innovating and developing an effective recruiting strategy as a core internal competency.

Hear from our founders

  • "The competition to find top tier data science tech talent is increasingly difficult, having a partner in the trenches that can help is invaluable."

    CHRO of 4C Insights

    Kim Norwesh

  • "At times we rely on Jump's talent team so much that they become a function of our own team."

    Stuart Frankel

    CEO of Narrative Science

  • "Jump has been immediately helpful to UPshow with recruiting top talent, improving operations and building our long term strategy. They know our market, the key players and what it takes to be a leader in our space. We view our partnership with Jump Capital as a competitive advantage."

    Adam Hirsen

    CEO of UPshow

The Jump Ecosystem

Our portfolio companies benefit from open access to other data and technology resources in the Jump network. We give our portfolio companies unparalleled industry insight as they look to grow.


Located in Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jump Labs tackles the biggest challenges within the Jump Capital portfolio with a focus on data mining, software development and high-performance computing.


With unparalleled hardware and software powering one of the largest supercomputers in the world, Jump Trading delivers industry experience, market intuition and pulse on the latest trends. We give our portfolio companies unmatched industry insight as they look to grow.

Hear from our founders

  • "Jump Labs was instrumental in helping us connect with industry leaders whose background and technical knowledge help make a huge impact in the further development of our company's product."

    Eric Allen

    CEO of LISNR

  • "Jump provides the Small Exchange deep industry expertise, technology and energy. Besides the investment capital, as a one of the world's leading market makers, the liquidity they provide is a solid base that benefits not only our public customers but all participants of the Small Exchange."

    Donald Roberts

    CEO of The Small Exchange

  • "Jump's incredible depth of knowledge and relationships in the space coupled with a no-nonsense attitude makes them a perfect partner for TradingView."

    Denis Globa

    CEO of TradingView

A team as tenacious as you are

When you work with Jump, you get the entire team. In addition to our investing team, we provide you with a network of industry experts and problem solvers who have experienced the same challenges your business faces.

Working closely—and collaboratively—with your team, we guide your business through uncharted territory in a way that sets you up to tackle the same problem head-on next time it arises.

Meet our team

Where we operate

We choose our industries selectively based on our experience and backgrounds. This focus allows us to deepen our understanding of the landscape and provide better perspective when working with your company.


Investing in B2B Software purpose-built for specific functions and industries.

Our Portfolio

IT & Data Infrastructure

Investing in the evolving IT infrastructure stack & analytical layers powered by the data and cloud revolution.

Our Portfolio


Investing in technology that powers the development, production and distribution of content.

Our Portfolio

B2B SaaS

Investing in B2B Software purpose-built for specific functions and industries.

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