CIO Innovation Showcase: Workflow Automation

By Jason Felger

Advances in core infrastructure such as cloud and machine learning now enable the modern enterprise to move at a much faster pace. To foster collaboration between industry leading enterprises and the technology companies advancing automation solutions we held a CIO Innovation Showcase, where we connected senior information technology leaders with Jump portfolio companies.

Through this networking event, our portfolio companies, Indico, Logicgate, Linksquares and several others had one-on-one conversations with CIOs and CDOs from Vituity, Arch insurance, Black & Veatch and Liberty Mutual.

Through quick, efficient and intimate conversations these technology leaders were introduced to companies that can help shape the digital transformation initiatives that are their future. Vice versa, our pioneering portfolio companies got direct exposure to, and unique perspectives from, the IT executives that have guided the industry to what it is today.

As the old adage goes: We are stronger together than we are alone. Together, these conversations can help enterprises embrace new technologies and rise to the next level.

"Jump Capital's event was one of the better run events I have had the chance to be involved with in the last two years. The CIOs and CDOs were sincere, well informed, did their homework and came to the meetings very well prepared. It was well worth our time.” Mike Minelli, CRO of Indico

With increasing complexity in both the software stack and regulatory environment, enterprises are relying more and more on automation workflows to drive productivity and bring efficiency. Jump Capital has a long term thesis on ‘intelligent software stack’, and we recently published a podcast on The Digital Native Imperative ft. Naveen Zutshi, CIO of Palo Alto Networks that dives into these topics.

Interested in learning more about how Jump works with portfolio companies? Reach out to our head of operating platform, Jason Felger, for more information: [email protected]

By Jason Felger

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