Jump Capital is Growing Our Crypto Investing Team!

By Peter Johnson

Jump Capital is growing our crypto investing team! We are currently looking for a Crypto Researcher to join our talented and quickly expanding group.

Jump Capital has been a leading investor in crypto/blockchain projects for 8+ years. We’ve invested in a portfolio of 25+ projects & companies that include 7 unicorns, 2 new public companies, and BitGo, the industry’s first billion-dollar acquisition. We are a founding member of the DeFi Alliance, a leading decentralized finance accelerator and network of blockchain investors, founders, traders, and users.

Our sister company Jump Trading is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency traders and an active contributor to blockchain protocols. It acts as an invaluable partner to our portfolio companies to provide product feedback from professional users and liquidity to their projects.

About the role:

Jump Capital is looking for a passionate crypto/blockchain expert to join the team as a Crypto Researcher.

This individual will use their solid understanding of blockchain technology and the broader crypto ecosystem to help our team identify, evaluate, and invest in novel technologies across cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi, and web3.

Ideal applicants would be just as comfortable reading a technical white paper as they would talking with other members of the crypto community on Twitter, Discord, or at a cocktail party. They should have direct experience experimenting on DeFi projects, and understand the complex nuances around topics like DEX liquidity, yield farming, and composability across various ecosystems.

What you'll do:

  • Work with the investment team on assessing inbound investment opportunities on their technical and business merits
  • Stay up to date on the bleeding edge of crypto and being plugged into the crypto/blockchain community
  • Work closely with our portfolio companies to provide ongoing support and solve the technical/business problems that come up around their protocols/products
  • Contribute to Jump Capital’s thought leadership and participation in the crypto community

Skills you’ll need:

  • Passion for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and web3 technologies
  • Good understanding of cryptography, smart contracts, crypto-economics, and blockchain technologies
  • Track record of contributing to the crypto/blockchain community, as a technologist and/or thought leader
  • Sharp analytical skills -- ability to understand and context switch between both technical details and higher level trends
  • Able to explain complex technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Technical experience is strongly preferred

If you’re a fit for this role and ready to learn more about a Jump career, please send a resume to [email protected] and include a few quick words on where you’d like to see us invest next. If you’ve publicly written about your crypto investment theses, we encourage including links to your work.

By Peter Johnson

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