Meet Robb Hutchins, Vice President of Growth at Jump Capital

By Robb Hutchins

Founders often face a similar set of common challenges after defining product-market-fit: solidifying strategies for near-term go-to-market and long-term growth. Though there is no common thread for businesses to achieve growth and no single strategy that persists throughout the organization's life, there are common principles in thinking about growth – and that's what I aim to build for Jump's founders.

"History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme." Often the best resource we can offer to founders is someone that has faced, struggled with, and overcome a similar set of challenges. We create connectivity for founders to our portfolio, other founders, our network of advisors, or external experts to proliferate the broadest collective experience. I am building tools and processes that proactively create this connectivity for our founders to propagate learnings that will simplify go-to-market and accelerate growth. By working on behalf of the entire Jump portfolio – current and future – there are valuable assets we can offer to support our founders, some of which include:

  1. Team building and process best practices
  2. Introductions to potential customers
  3. Connection to strategic buyers
  4. Strategic guidance and thought partnership
  5. Peer networking and mentorship
  6. Recommended SMEs
  7. Benchmarking channel strategies

Overall, we aim to help our founders build positive market momentum by amplifying the impact of our capital through meaningful operational support while also identifying the most significant opportunities for growth (coupled with the capital to deliver on those opportunities).

Prior to joining Jump, I was on the Corporate Business Development team at Amazon, supporting various business teams by structuring and negotiating complex, first-of-their-kind strategic partnerships – projects ranging from enabling new payment methods to launching a payment product for delivery partners and securing the necessary partner support to externalize an innovative payment experience for in-person retail. Externally, much of my collaboration has been with financial services players – including payment fintechs, large issuing banks, card networks, and core processors – who offered or facilitated the products we were building.

Before Amazon, I had various operating roles – business development, strategy, and product – at an early stage fintech. Most of my time in this role was focused on building out the business development function, starting with affiliate partnerships and then scaling to strategic product partnerships with banks and FIs. With experience at both ends of the scale spectrum, I've observed the similarities and differences in how to materially impact growth at different stages of an organization's maturity. Consequently, I am extremely energized to draw on my experience and continue to create processes and mechanisms in this discovery and experimentation process and have a front-row seat to watch our founders build and grow incredible businesses.

By Robb Hutchins

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