Retail's New Reality

By Yelena Shkolnik

COVID-19 has had an unmistakable impact on the world of retail, but how can retail brands best position themselves to bounce back post-pandemic? Jason Felger, Yelena Shkolnik and our guest Scott Lux discuss the new realities of retail and the evolving journey for connected customers amid COVID-19.
‘For every Gen Z or millennial that's out there that loves engaging with a brand or content, or wants social responsibility, I guarantee you there's a Gen X out there in the same category as well’
Scott Lux
SVP of Customer Experience and Digital Commerce, Alice and Olivia

Episode guests

Scott Lux
Guest, Alice and Olivia

Scott Lux is Acting SVP of Customer Experience and Digital Commerce at Alice and Olivia. He has led digital strategy and e-commerce for Faconnable, Entertainment Weekly, Motorola, and REI, and led e-commerce and digital initiatives for Kiehls, AmEx, Morgans Hotel Group, Diesel, Varvatos and Intermix. He was most recently Vice President Ecommerce & Digital, Theory and Helmut Lang, and is currently an Adjunct Professor of DTC and Ecommerce, Columbia University & FIT.

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Yelena Shkolnik
Partner, Jump Capital

Yelena Shkolnik leads Jump Capital’s investment activities in the digital media and e-commerce sectors and has participated in over a dozen investments including Tubi, Tvision and Upshow. As part of her focus, Yelena works closely with founders to maximize growth opportunities with an emphasis on understanding evolving media consumption habits among consumers.

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Jason Felger
Host, Jump Capital

Jason Felger leads Jump Capital’s Operating Platform where he runs business development efforts across the firm’s growing portfolio. With extensive experience in B2B operating roles and leading growth-stage companies, Jason partners with founders and investors to define their next stages of evolution and capitalize on attractive market opportunities.

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Playbook themes

1) Influencers & Journey Mapping - 12:00

"Looking at remote selling, this could be influencers. It could be a network of stylists that support the brand. How do you enable that network, where anyone can be an advocate and a brand ambassador? How do you connect that back into commerce? I think those are the areas that are interesting, where I think innovation is pushing towards. I think there's also a lot of noise out there, and that's why that journey mapping is so critical, because it will allow you to understand, 'okay, how many customers are we touching at a particular point?'" - Scott Lux

2) On Gen Z & Millennials - 14:10

"Stop siloing certain generations as being more tech savvy or liking certain aspects. For every Gen Z or millennial that's out there that loves engaging with a brand or content or wants social responsibility, I guarantee there's a Gen Z out there in same category as well. I think if you just focus on siloing a generation, or putting certain attributes in that, you may miss some other audience opportunities." - Scott Lux

3) Live Shopping - 20:00

"We see a lot of companies try it (live streaming), not just trying to enable brands to be successful on Instagram Live, but also try to be themselves - new destination sites, fully live stream, shopping centric, new locations, etc. We'll see. Maybe it'll be hard to get momentum, because there are other platforms and it's so fragmented. Maybe one of them will win, and we'll see a real change in customer behavior." - Yelena Shkolnik

By Yelena Shkolnik

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