Revenue Leadership Collective: Modern New-Hire Ramp Strategies

By Jason Felger

As an operating centric venture capital firm, we understand that a well-functioning revenue organization is integral for any growing technology company. To keep our thinking contemporary and best practices dispersed, we’ve partnered with Sales Assembly to deliver special and exclusive resources specifically for Jump Capital’s suite of portfolio companies. One part of this partnership is the Revenue Leadership Collective (RLC), a quarterly event series for the revenue leaders and executives across Jump’s portfolio.

For our May program, the topic was Modern New-Hire Ramp Strategies at Scale where Christina Brady, President of Sales Assembly, shared modern insights around the most critical time of employee education - the ramp.

Session Takeaway:

Successfully ramping new sales hires is a universal objective, but without a proven & data-supported strategy, you're most likely left guessing on a variety of factors including:

1) What exactly can/should be done to put the individual in the best position to ramp effectively + quickly

    Takeaway: Establish an onboarding approach that covers the Behavior, Skills and Results that you want to develop and encourage in your sellers. However, do not just set people down a path without putting in place clear goals and metrics during onboarding so you have an agreed upon framework for success.

    2) How long you should expect before seeing a positive ROI

    Takeaway: The role matters. Just like the job description varies significantly between an individual contributor and a leader, so does the ramp process. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, the ramp process must be altered between job titles and responsibilities.

    "Onboarding new talent can be a challenge – especially in our work-from-home environment,” said Megan Brown, Director of International Sales at Logicgate “Christina’s fresh insights were invaluable and effective for improving the new hire experience for remote and global teams.”

    Interested in learning more about how Jump works with portfolio companies? Reach out to our head of operating platform, Jason Felger for more information: [email protected]

    And to get involved with Sales Assembly contact Matt Green: [email protected]

    By Jason Felger

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