Revenue Leadership Collective: Customer Retention Strategies with Sales Assembly

By Jason Felger

As an operating centric venture capital firm, we understand that a well-functioning revenue organization is integral for any growing technology company. To keep our thinking contemporary and best practices dispersed, we’ve partnered with Sales Assembly to deliver special and exclusive resources specifically for Jump Capital’s suite of portfolio companies. One part of this partnership is the Revenue Leadership Collective (RLC), a quarterly event series for the revenue leaders and executives across Jump’s portfolio.

For our March program, the topic was Modern Strategies for Value/Logo Retention where Christina Brady, President of Sales Assembly, shared modern insights around customer attrition within B2B tech, and discussed strategies all growth-stage companies can implement to move the needle in a noteworthy way.

Session Takeaway:

The importance of building relationships with prospects and customers is common knowledge, yet the number one rule of relationship building is truly understanding each other, and our mutual needs. So often, we reach out to our prospects based on our timeline - after all, we have something to sell you, now. You know your product is stellar, and your value proposition is strong, so why do we find ourselves constantly wondering why deals fall through, conversations get pushed, and existing customers churn? The answer lies within our process.

Throughout the fiscal year, your customers have various and ever-changing focus. From budget planning, to tools shopping, to hiring - the shifts are frequent, yet predictable if you're willing to take a step back to observe it. By putting a process in place to strategically contact your customers and prospects - armed with specific talking points based on their current experience and priorities - you just may earn a fast pass to closing that deal!

"This session was provocative. It got me to think more like a buyer, and less like a seller, especially as it relates to the buyer's motion, buyer's business and planning cycle. Very informative, practical and useful." - Karry Kleeman, LogicGate

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By Jason Felger

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