The Jump Off Point Podcast FAQs

By Ola Jewusiak

The Jump Off Point is a podcast from Jump Capital. Our current season is delves into the disruption taking place in financial planning, explores the future of work, specifically from an AI/ML bent (bonus points if it's in vertical SaaS applications), and dives into the high-flying possibilities available to financial applications whose foundations are informed by behavioral economics.

We discuss big ideas casually. We're looking for guests with strong points of view, expertise in their field, and the willingness to explore ideas in a low-pressure, friendly setting. Consider us the friend you love to debate life with at happy hour.

What is Jump Capital's podcast process?

1. A podcast guest is identified through our network, referred to us, or reaches out directly to express interest.

2. We ask guests to fill out a google form to help structure the conversation. From this information, we create a shared document with potential questions and speaking topics.

3. A date and time are chosen for the podcast recording.

4. Guests join a video call that is recorded - we generally schedule 60-minute recording sessions.

5. The recording is edited and published for one of our two annual seasons. We share the podcast across social channels and platforms, with an average of 5,000 listeners.

Who are some of your previous podcast guests?

We've enjoyed far-ranging conversations with guests as wide-ranging as Shruti Joshi (financial planning), Porter Gale (investing), Sahil Bloom (Creator Economy), and Jeff Gertula (sports betting).

By Ola Jewusiak

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