Welcoming Glenn Borok: our new Vice President

By Sach Chitnis & Glenn Borok

We’re pleased to introduce Glenn Borok as a new Vice President on Jump Capital’s investment team. Glenn is excited to play a pivotal role in shaping the fund’s strategy and finding exceptional companies to invest in.

What makes Glenn a great fit for Jump Capital is his passion for working with entrepreneurs to solve big problems. He likes nothing more than rolling up his sleeves to work closely with founders in the trenches.

Before joining Jump Capital, Glenn worked at In-Q-Tel, a venture fund representing the national intelligence community, and LinkedIn, where he focused on the Sales Navigator platform. With this experience in product and operations, he’s eager to help scale companies that solve some of the world’s toughest issues.

Glenn attempted to start a business in school (and failed). That experience sparked his interest in the start-up world, particularly the role funding plays in helping entrepreneurs thrive. While still in business school, he landed an internship with Unshackled Ventures, a pre-seed fund that supports immigrant entrepreneurs. This experience resonated strongly with Glenn, a son of immigrants, and he was determined to make an impact with his investing work. Now, as a full-time investor, he looks forward to enabling entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to succeed and scale businesses.

As an investor, Glenn holds a diverse range of interests ranging from B2B SaaS and AI to the Future of Work and Fintech, but in all his investments, he looks for extreme product-market fit where the value prop is so compelling that customers not only buy but also become strong advocates and form communities. Glenn believes a world-class founding team is table stakes, but what really sets potential investments apart are those whose product can sell itself, pushing CAC to a near-zero value (in his opinion).

From his early failure as a founder to today, he’s fallen in love with the hustle, creativity, and impact of startups. Now Glenn is thrilled to pay it forward by jumping into the arena to help other founders build world-changing companies. With his diverse experience and genuine passion for helping founders succeed, he's poised to play a key role in Jump Capital's mission.

If you’re building in the sectors Glenn is hunting in, reach out for a chat. Meanwhile, subscribe to his Substack, “Glenn’s Guide to Venture,” where he’ll share lessons learned and perspectives about his time in venture.

By Sach Chitnis & Glenn Borok

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