Announcing our new partners: Saaya Nath and Tarun Gupta

By Sach Chitnis and Mike McMahon

Since the launch of Jump Capital over ten years ago, we have met many entrepreneurs and investors. When you meet an exceptional founder, you just know it. Similarly, when you meet an investor that blends hustle and approachability while exhibiting thoughtful intelligence, you take notice.

It’s no surprise that when we first met Saaya and Tarun in 2019, we recognized they were both unique talents with great potential. Today, we are very excited to announce their promotion to partner.

Since joining the team, Saaya and Tarun consistently demonstrated the qualities we highly value at Jump - a relentless curiosity, a contemplative approach to decision-making, and a genuine commitment to the founders we partner with.

Saaya’s unique focus areas have been driven by her deep fascination with the creator economy and the rapidly changing perspective on work: how people work, where people work, and fundamentally, what skills are needed to work. Her hard work has not gone unrecognized - Saaya was named one of Insider’s leaders at the forefront of the creator economy and influencer industry.

Recently, Saaya led a series B investment in a (not yet disclosed) technical upskilling platform - deepening her already deep interest in Future of Work. In addition, she previously led a $20M Series B fundraising round for Koji, a link in bio tool for creators, and New Era ADR, an advanced dispute resolution platform. She has played integral roles in our investments in Recurate, Obsess, Osano, and Indico.

Meanwhile, Tarun has quickly distinguished himself as a rising star in the fintech venture ecosystem. His deep interest and unique perspective on emerging compliance platforms, payments innovation, debt management, and wealth tech have contributed significantly to our thinking and investment efforts.

Most recently, Tarun co-led our $13M Series A Funding investment in Highline, a lending enablement platform for financial institutions. The company was recently recognized on Insider’s up-and-coming fintechs list. He’s also played an integral role in sourcing and structuring some of our most high-profile fintech investments, including Acretrader and Treasure. Finally, he has been the driving force behind our exploratory efforts in the gaming sector, which yielded investments in and Lightfox Games.

We congratulate Saaya and Tarun, and we can’t wait to see all the great things they’ll accomplish in 2023 and beyond.

By Sach Chitnis and Mike McMahon

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