Meet new Jump teammates: Trisha & Ola

By Jason Felger

We are delighted to introduce Jump's latest additions, Trisha Degg and Ola Jewusiak. Trisha is our VP of Talent Platform, and Ola is our new Director of Marketing.

We firmly believe the key to growth and sustained success for entrepreneurs and early-stage CEOs is making people the top priority. In bringing Trisha and Ola on board we are recommitting to that ethos by investing in the talent that will help move Jump, and our portfolio companies, forward.

Trisha Degg, VP of Talent Platform

A self-proclaimed people person and talent matchmaker, Trisha will play a key role in Jump's 60+ portfolio companies. As VP of Talent Platform, she will work alongside the founders and heads of talent to help them develop and refine their people procedures and processes.

Constantly matchmaking, Trisha is always on the lookout for great talent to share with the portfolio companies as they grow and scale – and is harnessing the network of the Jump Capital team to do it. Consequently, she spends her days as the HR/talent consultant to our portfolio companies founders and HR leaders. Her work runs the gamut from mentoring to brainstorming, idea-sharing, and providing vendor recommendations.

Ultimately, her goal is to guide portfolio companies to successfully scale their people functions while ensuring Jump's network of great people grows and has a human touch along the way.

With over 15 years of corporate recruiting and HR experience, Trisha is a proven HR leader with a passion for talent acquisition. She joined Jump from Provi, a B2B e-commerce marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, where she scaled the company from 70 to 300+ employees in 15 months as the Head of People. Before that, she was Head of Talent at Tempus, a healthcare tech company.

Ola Jewusiak, Director of Marketing

Like Trisha, Ola also considers herself to be a people person. Still, she prefers to work her magic behind the scenes, creating experiences for people, whether they visit a website to read a blog, attend an IRL event or hop on an informative webinar she planned.

As Jump's Director of Marketing, she will build out the marketing, events, and PR function to amplify our brand and help grow and strengthen our community of like-minded, insatiably curious, industrious individuals. In addition to building the Jump brand and community, Ola will also serve as a sounding board to portfolio companies as they navigate brand building and scale their marketing functions.

Ola's strong brand and content strategy background across finance, start-ups, and politics inform her work. She joins Jump from Livingstone, a global middle-market investment bank, where she served as Global Marketing Director, managing cross-cultural strategies for offices spread across seven countries and three continents. While there, she led several brand-focused projects, including a website redesign, three international office launches, and the creation of cannabis-focused affiliate advisory, Sharp Capital.

Jump has thoughtfully added to our team since late 2021, focusing on adding talent and personalities that will provide more support and value to our portfolio companies. Trisha and Ola follow prior team additions Robb Hutchins, Austin Chung, and Will Nunez.

We are thrilled to welcome Trisha and Ola into the fold and excited to watch as they build their roles and help grow – and strengthen – our community.

Expect follow-up posts and invitations from Trisha and Ola as they hit the ground running in the coming months.

By Jason Felger

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